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A Doctor is not expected to work like a machine or a computer; He is also a human being".."

"A doctor cannot give complete assurance and guarantee to save life of a patient.  "

Adv. ROHiT ERANDE.©Case Details : Charan Kamal Chopra V/s. Dr. R.K. Gupta, Haryana & anr. Rev. Pet. No. 1942/2018. Before : Hon  Dr. S.M. Kantikar - Presiding Member &  Hon. Mr. Dinesh Singh, Member
Decided on : 18/04/2019 Judgment Link
Facts in short : 1. The Complainant's mother 78 yrs of age, the patient in this case, was admitted in the Hospital in ICCU. All the tests like ECH, Echo, , Blood tests, USG etc. were perfomred. 2. The patient was a known patient of High BP and Diabetics for nearly 15 years. Her blood urea was 152% mg and Serum Creatinie was 8.2% mg, which was much more than the normal range. 3. Thus as it was a case of renal failure, as a standard protocol she was advised hemodialysis.  4. It was alleged that if the patient had a kidney problem,…